Call Center Solution

 IP PBX can be installed in desktop PC or professional servers, this can even be installed in a tablet or laptop. Anyone can manage and control the IP PBX as it has a user friendly graphical user interface. The various type of reporting represents the real scenario of communication. Any SIP supported softphone, desktop phone, smart phone or video phone are compatible with this IP PBX.

Benefit of IP Phone System
  • Lower Communication Cost (IP to IP Free)
  • Deploy a single IT & Telephony Infrastructure
  • Connect Mobile and Remote Workers
  • Reduced Centrex Services Line Cost
  • Mobility (moves, adds, changes)
  • Increase in Service Options
  • Integrated applications like Call Center, CRM, VC System
  • Effective management of fax, voicemail, email & recording
  • Streamline administration (both Voice and Data)
  • Coordinate Numbering Plan